Download Xcode

The course is now fully up to date with the final version of Xcode 8.3 so you should use that version, which you can download from or or directly from the Mac App Store.

I would advise against using any beta versions from now on – they will just cause extra instability. Stick with the release stream and you’ll have a much better time!

Quickly lets go through how you can download Xcode 8.  This is the only that you requires to create apps not only for iPhone and ipads app but also for Apple Watch , Mac and Tv OS.

Goto and sign in if you have apple ID that you use in your apple devices to download apps and all you can use that and If you  don’t have apple account don’t worry you can just create one for free.

Its worth to know you don’t need paid apple developer account to download Xcode and start building apps but you do when you gonna publish your app to App Store and start distributing it.

Its getting downloaded, when its done just open the zip folder and follow the process.

you can go to spot light and type Xcode and click on it an it will appear.


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